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ANNOUNCEMENT Tuesday 5th September 2017:- Year 7 to Year 12 Students return to school at 08:35. Year 13 students return to school at 11:05.                         
Behaviour Watch

Behaviour Watch: As a school we use an online behaviour management and reward system to motivate our students. Behaviour Watch allows us to communicate with parents via text messages informing them of positive behaviour when students have performed well in lessons, as well as notifying them of incidents that require a sanction. To ensure that parents receive messages from the system we would ask that they ensure the school has the correct contact details on record. If mobile numbers are changed, then please advise the school reception accordingly.

The Behaviour Watch system incorporates reward points when students are allocated positive slips by staff, by accruing these reward points throughout a term or year, students can save up and redeem their points at the 'shop' to purchase items such as stationary, sports equipment or vouchers.

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