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ANNOUNCEMENT Tuesday 5th September 2017:- Year 7 to Year 12 Students return to school at 08:35. Year 13 students return to school at 11:05.                         
Summer GCSE Exams 2017

Dear Parents/Carers & Students,

We are now on the count down to the Summer 2017 examination series and it is important that students and their Parents/Carers are familiar with the examination rules and regulations.
Student's individual examination timetables will be sent home during the Easter holidays along with important information to read. These documents can also be found on the links below. You should find the time to read the following documents Student exam handbook , equipment for exams and Information for Candidates – written examinations.

Should students need to discuss any of their worries and concerns or have any questions they can pop in to the exams office and see me during break and lunch and after school.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all students good luck for this upcoming exam season.

Miss Cole
Examinations Manager

Results Day

GCE Release of results to candidates
Thursday 17th August

GCSE Release of results to candidates
Thursday 24th August

Students will receive letters in July advising them of the arrangements for the collection of results, 6th form enrolment and discussion regarding university places.


Please note: a paper version of all documents is available upon request