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ANNOUNCEMENT Tuesday 5th September 2017:- Year 7 to Year 12 Students return to school at 08:35. Year 13 students return to school at 11:05.                         
Assessment and Progress Reporting

To support parents/carers in helping their child at home, St John Fisher School post home academic reports four times each academic year for Years 07, 08, 11, 12 and 13. In Years 09 and 10 five academic reports are posted home each academic year. There will be three/four Assessment and Progress Reports Cards and one Full Report. The Assessment and Progress Report Card gives information on the Current Achieved Levels in each subject together with an Effort Grade. The Full Report will also include this data; in addition, written comments from teachers in each subject studied will be included. This regular information will enable parents/carers to see quickly how well their child is progressing and also if they are beginning to fall behind.

Assessment System - Key Stages 3 and 4 GCSE. Key Stage 5 GCE
Years 12 and 13
Students will be given a Current Achieved Level of A* - E

Year 11 – Academic Year 2016/2017
Summer 2017 Exam Results will see a change to GCSE qualifications in English and mathematics, graded 1-9. All other GCSE qualifications will be graded using the existing GCSE Grades A*-G. Subject Current Achieved Levels on the Assessment and Progress Report Cards and Full Reports will mirror these grades.

Years 07 – 10- Academic Year 2016/2017 All KS3 and KS4 Assessment Grades will be measured using the new 1-9 grades. The bottom of grade 1 (new GCSE grading) will align with the bottom of G (old GCSE grading). At the top, a grade 9 (new GCSE grading) will align with an A* (old GCSE grading).

Key Stages 4 and 5 BTEC Assessment System
Students will be given a Current Achieved Level of Distinction*, Distinction, Merit or Pass.